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10 Reasons To Hire A Cleaner For Your Home

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10 Reasons To Hire A Cleaner For Your Home

Cleaning is such a chore isn’t it? Inbetween your job, your social life, your kids and having some me-time, you’re supposed to find the time to hoover floors, clean dishes and clothes, disinfect the bathroom and remake the beds. Who has the time? You’re busy. So, why not hire a cleaner? Though the thought can cause concerns over cost, time needed and allowing another person to clean your sanctuary, we believe the benefits outweigh your worries.

Don’t believe us? Read our top 10 reasons for why you should hire a cleaner for your home.

     1. Bringing Their Own Supplies

Think about all the disinfectant bottles cluttering up your cupboards, along with cloths, mops, dusters, gloves and the vacuum cleaner. Does how often you use them justify their cost? No? Many cleaners bring their own supplies to their employer’s home not only to save them money, but to ensure they use the right products in the right rooms.

     2. A Cleaning Plan To Suit You

Whether you want your house cleaned daily, weekly or monthly, your cleaner will create a detailed cleaning plan so that you’ll be satisfied with the results. Plans can be altered as and when required.

     3. They’ll Do It Better

Cleaners go through extensive training on a regular basis so know which new chemicals can really benefit your surfaces. They’ll also clean the parts you may forget about or put off, such as vacuuming under the sofa or bed. Monsters won’t hide for long.

     4. Affordable

Cleaners don’t cost the world, with many charging reasonable rates. Just think, that gives you time to rest, exercise or spend time with loved ones. That’s worth the minimal cost, surely?

     5. Less Stress

Stress isn’t just caused by workload, family and the need for a rest, but also by the worry you’re losing touch with friends and your sense of self. With the hours you’ll save not cleaning, you can grab that coffee with a friend, take up an old hobby or just find time for you.

     6. Dust

Dust can cause colds, eye irritation and respiratory hazards among other issues so proper cleaning of table tops, lights, shelves and decorations is imperative.

     7. They Need The Job

Many people feel uncomfortable letting others clean their home, feeling they should be doing it themselves. However, we’ll all aware how tiresome this can be, and cleaner’s livelihoods depend on this profession. If they don’t have an issue with it, then neither should you.

     8. Germs

Germs are the most prevalent in the bathroom and kitchen, the two places where cleanliness is key. Grout on the walls, microbes in the toilet and bacteria on surfaces always need removing asap. Regular cleaning of these rooms ensures they stay fresh and sanitary. No-one wants dirt on their floors either.

     9. They’ll Handle It

How often to you clean the handles, switches and doorknobs in your home? Honestly? Cleaners know the importance of this and will rid them of the germs lurking there.

    10. Consistent Cleaning

They’ll ensure your house sparkles time and time again, making your house ready for friends, family or unscheduled guests no matter how busy you are.

Cleaners help ease your daily stresses, giving you more time for you without the worry that the house still needs cleaning. So, why not give one a try.